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    Leica CRF-SureFire Promo Form

    You’re almost there!   Download your Leica CRF-Surefire promo form here (pdf)  

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    Leica Ultravid-Filson Promotion Form

    You’re almost there!     Download your Leica Ultravid-Filson promotion form here (pdf)  

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    Leica $200 ERi Riflescope Cash-Back Offer

    8/1/14: Leica Sport Optics announces ERi Riflescope $200 rebate program.

    Glassing for Goat

    How To – Locating and Assessing Mountain Goats

    10/15/13: Quality optics are essential for locating and hunting mountain goats in some of the most inhospitable locations on earth.

    Brian Bell

    Leica Sport Optics Names Brian Bell National Sales Manager

    10/1/13: Leica Sport Optics has named Brian Bell, a nearly 25-year Leica veteran, as national sales manager for its US operations.

    Trinovid Travis at Camp Chiricahua2

    Traveling Trinovid Continues “Big Year” Quest

    10/1/13: Leica’s Traveling Trinovid is five months into its “Big Year” journey through North America on a quest to view as many birding species as possible in one year’s time. So far, “Travis” the Traveling Trinovid has made it through 11 states locating a total of 519 species, and it still has seven months of travel left in its journey.

    Trinovid_8x42 full

    “Traveling Trinovid” Binoculars Making the Rounds

    7/15/13: In April 2013, Leica Sport Optics bid farewell to a special Traveling Trinovid binocular as it began its “Big Year” journey through North and South America on a quest to view as many bird species as possible in one year’s time.

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    How to: Optics for Pronghorn Hunting

    8/1/13: When it comes to difficult hunts, few are as challenging as a spot-and-stalk pronghorn hunt. Pronghorn often make wide-open hill country their home, which means cover is sparse. Quality optics, especially a spotting scope, for locating and judging pronghorn at a distance are essential. The goal is to spot the pronghorn before it spots you.


    How To: Optics for Elk Hunting

    7/1/13: When it comes to elk-hunting success, quality optics are paramount. “Elk hunts are not cheap,” says Pat Grieve, owner of Snake River Outfitters. “If you plan to spend the time and money to pursue elk, invest in quality optics so you don’t cheat yourself of the full experience.”

    Geovid 8x42 HD-B Environmental

    How To: High Quality Optics Key To Brown Bear Hunt Success

    5/1/13: If you are fortunate enough to take part in an Alaskan brown bear hunt this spring, you’ll want to do all you can to put the odds in your favor.